Friday, March 13, 2009

Bird Spike - Stainless Steel Bird Spike

Bird Spikes

There are several bird spikes in the market. One of them is stainless steel bird spike. Bird Spikes are a low cost stainless steel deterrent product. It deters birds from landing or roosting on light to heavy pressure sites such as ledges, I-beams, parapets, overhangs, pipes, signs, edges of roof, chimneys, etc. Long stainless steel spikes extend upwards and outwards in a way that makes it difficult for birds to land. Because the blunt wires are spaced 1.5” apart, they do not gather debris and nesting materials. With a stainless steel base, installation is extremely easy. Glue the base to the ledge with a construction silicone, no special clips or attachments are required. The base has pre-punched holes so you can use nails or screws if desired. The flexible base allows installation on most architectural forms. Lights, down spouts, sprinklers, security hardware and corners can also be protected with bird spikes. The stainless steel base is easily cut to length with metal snips. Wide and narrow spikes may be used in unison to cover a variety of ledge widths

Installation of Stainless Steel Bird Spike

Before installation, first thing you must do is surface preparation. Obstruction must be removed. Ledges and mounting surface must be dry and free of loose paint, rust, bird droppings and any foreign debris. Bird droppings shall be cleaned, removed and disposed of in a safe manner in accordance with local regulations. Remove or repair articles that may damage bird spikes after installation (tree limbs, loose items on building, etc.)

1. Bird Spikes should be installed straight or follow the contours of the architecture perfectly. Uneven spacing results in an unattractive installation. Spaces left between ends of spikes present a landing opportunity for birds.

2. Bird Spikes should cover the entire ledge width and extend to each corner. Bird spikes are a landing deterrent, not a barrier. It is acceptable to leave 2.5” between rows, measured from wire tips.

3. On surfaces where holes are undesirable apply a bead of construction silicone at a rate of one (1) 13oz. tube per 15 feet of spikes

4. Tips of spikes may be up to 2.5” from back edge of wall.

Example of stainless steel bird spikes are:

1. FlyBye Wide Spike FB600 – Width 4.5” / Height 3.75”

2. FlyBye Narrow Spike FB250 – Width 2.5” / Height 3.75”

Bird Spikes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bird Spike - Advantage Using Bird Spike

Bird Spike

What are bird spikes?

Bird spikes are long thin rods with blunted tips that can be attached to rooftops, fences, lighting, cameras and other structures that will effectively deter birds from landing there.

It is important to note that these spikes do not harm the birds at all. They just limit the amount of space available making it uncomfortable for them to land or perch so that they are forced into finding somewhere else to go.

There are a number of advantages to using bird spikes such as:

1) They are a humane and highly effective way of preventing large numbers of birds from perching anywhere that you don't want them to
2) They are suitable for deterring even larger and heavier birds
3) They are easy to install
4) They last a long time so are an extremely cost effective solution
5) They are inconspicuous from a distance so will not spoil the scenery

If you want to position bird spikes in a spot that is very high, then it is recommended that you call in a professional to fit them for you to avoid the risk of falling.

Bird Spike